Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Check it out

So I cruse around the web a lot and look at a lot of sites and blogs. Most of them are pretty much the same but some realy stick out in my mind. Some for the way the site is built some for the content. And for me it's always been more about content over style (though sometimes you would'nt be able to tell from my blog). So I am posting a few links:

Iso50 is a very cool design site
Ghostco this is one of those artist you just have to remember
Sebastan Kruger he's just one painting s.o.b.

I'll probably post more links as time goes by but these should be a good start. And make sure to check out the links over on the right these are some of my favorites for good reason as I am sure you will find out.

Another day

Nothing to exciting today. another head shot and still more to come. I'm sort of debating posting some realy old stuff I have laying around. we'll see what comes of that. So todays post are an old hulk colered pencil sketch. a smiley head and another headshot.

Basicly I'm trying right now to post just some things to give an idea of my drawing style and some things I like to do

Friday, February 23, 2007

Digital sketches

Ive been fooling around in painter and thought I would start posting some of the sketches. After years of working with just a mouse I recently purchased a tablet. I am still getting used to it but realy enjoying the things you can do with it. This is the first of a handful of sketches done just with the tablet, no filters no tricks. More to come soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Would anyone else think this strange?

The other day I was sitting in a coffee shop eating a pretty boring lunch. Siting behind me was a couple in the middle of a deep conversation the conversation got louder and louder. Everyone in the place got a little interested and began to listen. The conversation had a single topic. "How can anyone write a story about aliens if they never saw one" "You know these people out there in Hollywood and in Washington have seen aliens." "You just know that some where they have them locked up and telling stories to everyone on some list. And the movie people are just getting rich from the whole thing."

I finished lunch before the discussion finished but if this is the kind of regular lunch conversation these two have I will be going back for the lunch dinner and afternoon show.

To get me started...

A couple of headshots to get me started.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Slowly forming on the horizon...

My first post in my first blog.
This blog will be mostly about things I am doing on my own and things going on that I have noticed. I am going to try to add thigs in the next few days so stay tuned and come back often.