Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just a quickey

Just a little quick girl art. this is a piece I did in illustrator a while back.
I found it on my hard drive and thought "Hmmm. this isn't to bad." so I thought why not post it and give it a little air.

Some links some jib jab

So it's been a little while since I posted. Same old reasons why. I've just been a little busy. But anyway. lets get back to why I'm here. first here are some cool link.
Colorlovers is a fun resource for very different color palettes.
Process Recess is the blog of one of the coolest illustrators.
Tropical toxic to put it plainly Tomer and Asaf hanuka.
Michael Chos Sketchbook Just check it out it's worth it.

Oh so you noticed that these are blogs. Well for a while now I have been wanting to post some of the blogs I like to check out. These are just a few of those sites that I think if you are into just some thing fun you will like these.