Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Addiction

Well here we go again. Recently I was sitting at home finishing of a couple of small projects and came to the realization that I am a podcast jumky. Yes it was a hard realization but it is true. I can remember when and how it started, I can even remember what the first dose was. I was sitting at home on a night very much like this and fiddling around in itunes after finishing up a project. I noticed the icon first and then the title "Podcasts". Sure I clicked there was nobody there to twist my arm, no gun to my head. And so it began. Browsing through the titles I happened across one that caught my eye like a tasty candy bar beckoning me. The title was "The lost Podcast with jay and jack" so I read the description "hmmm. sounds interesting. Could be good for a laugh." I click subscribe. And it starts. My first podcast. The first shot to the arm. The next day I want more so I start looking around subscribe, subscribe, SUBSCRIBE. Some I end up keeping some I drop, some lead me to others to feed my need. By the end of the week I have five regular podcasts. A month later fifteen. Now it's almost a year later and I am up to twenty one podcasts. Some are just information like the new york times book review, NPR in review and KCRW's bookworm. But then there are the others.

I don't count the podcasts like Scott Siglars latest horror/SCIFI podbook or J.C. hutchins under those others. But than there are those that don't fit that are just so out there. Like "Wingin It" a podcast that started of as a podcast about reviewing beers. Now it has has devolved into six people getting drunk making dirty jokes. And the thing is it's a laugh. I have begun to look forward to these odd little moments. I know the schedules when each podcasts drops new shows down to the day and usual time. I get grumpy when they don't show up when expected. I can be out somewhere doing something that might be considered fun and find myself thinking "Oh! Pseudopod should be dropping today." and suddenly I want to go home. Maybe I need a better idea of what fun is. But hey some of these shows are just so damn funny. I mean the "Frank Black Podcast" alone is worth it. ( For those of you who are like "who?" that's Black Francis from the Pixies.)

But anyway Since I don't know if this is a problem just yet and it doesn't interfere with any work. I guess it just one of those things i will live with. Until I think it's a problem or start speaking in tongues and spinning my head. That's just me .

Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh the pen

Ever have one of those days when you leave the house thinking that there is something you forgot. Yeah one of those. Well mine started like a normal day. sitting down drinking a little coffee doing a little sketching. my practice lately is to fill a page a day so I like to get started early. Then comes time to leave home usually I drop a hand full of pens and my mechanical pencil into my pack. But somehow today I walked out the door got on the train read a couple pages of Rudy Rucker's Wetware, arrived at my destination pulled out my sketchbook reached in to pull out a couple of pens. And "OH $h#+" I find a half dead bent and broken BIC. Well strange thing. I liked it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday post

Nothing To exciting today just plugging along and trying to enjoy the day. Running a few freelance gigs plus my own stuff is keeping me pretty entertained.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Great news over at Process Junkie

I was checking in over at Alberto Ruiz's Process Junkie To find some great news. He's goin' big! This guy is one hell of an artist and has been doing some great stuff. There is a reason he's in my favorites list. I wish him good luck and all the best. And hope to see nothing but more great stuff.

Painter, Painter

Well I'm a little late with this weeks posts but here it is. As everyone who has visied before knows I have been sketching in Painter a little so I think I will start posting some more of these sketch pieces. It's an interesting application and lots of fun to use once you get used to it. I can see how some people might get addicted to it after using it for a while. And am starting to try to pull away from it.

With this piece I was trying a little shadow work. Not to sure I got what I wanted but I like the direction it's moving things are moving in.

This one is something I always wanted to try. Hair that transforms to smoke or flame. I realy like the teeth.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Some more sketch book images

Here we go. These are a few more sketch book images. After so many years of doing everything on the computer and spending so much time working in pixels and vectors it's nice to just draw. Sometimes it seems almost like I am learning to draw all over again. My style has changed greatley.