Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Addiction

Well here we go again. Recently I was sitting at home finishing of a couple of small projects and came to the realization that I am a podcast jumky. Yes it was a hard realization but it is true. I can remember when and how it started, I can even remember what the first dose was. I was sitting at home on a night very much like this and fiddling around in itunes after finishing up a project. I noticed the icon first and then the title "Podcasts". Sure I clicked there was nobody there to twist my arm, no gun to my head. And so it began. Browsing through the titles I happened across one that caught my eye like a tasty candy bar beckoning me. The title was "The lost Podcast with jay and jack" so I read the description "hmmm. sounds interesting. Could be good for a laugh." I click subscribe. And it starts. My first podcast. The first shot to the arm. The next day I want more so I start looking around subscribe, subscribe, SUBSCRIBE. Some I end up keeping some I drop, some lead me to others to feed my need. By the end of the week I have five regular podcasts. A month later fifteen. Now it's almost a year later and I am up to twenty one podcasts. Some are just information like the new york times book review, NPR in review and KCRW's bookworm. But then there are the others.

I don't count the podcasts like Scott Siglars latest horror/SCIFI podbook or J.C. hutchins under those others. But than there are those that don't fit that are just so out there. Like "Wingin It" a podcast that started of as a podcast about reviewing beers. Now it has has devolved into six people getting drunk making dirty jokes. And the thing is it's a laugh. I have begun to look forward to these odd little moments. I know the schedules when each podcasts drops new shows down to the day and usual time. I get grumpy when they don't show up when expected. I can be out somewhere doing something that might be considered fun and find myself thinking "Oh! Pseudopod should be dropping today." and suddenly I want to go home. Maybe I need a better idea of what fun is. But hey some of these shows are just so damn funny. I mean the "Frank Black Podcast" alone is worth it. ( For those of you who are like "who?" that's Black Francis from the Pixies.)

But anyway Since I don't know if this is a problem just yet and it doesn't interfere with any work. I guess it just one of those things i will live with. Until I think it's a problem or start speaking in tongues and spinning my head. That's just me .